New president, new “air”


Newly chosen president of the United States, Barack Obama, promises a radical change as for the environmental politicies followed by the previous president (George W. Bush).

One of the principal measures will be the reduction of CO2 in one 80 %. As well, he assures that it will be involved seriously in the improvement of the environmental problems. For it, and between other things, he will be at the head of the American delegation in the next meeting of the ONU on the climate.

Does it seems you that this new president will fulfil really his expectations of change?

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3 Responses to New president, new “air”

  1. la profe di:

    I think that we are in the beginning of the change

  2. Patricia G di:

    I think that there will be a change but it will not be so radical as Obama would want. USA is a huge country which cannot change quickly…we have just begun.

  3. Javier Muñiz di:

    He promised too many things and almost everybody is expecting to see a huge change inmediately. Obama can’t do it yet. He has to improve US economy a lot before they can work all those ideas out.

    And Patricia is right, America is one of the biggest countries, and one of the most diverse countries too. USA is conformed by many different ways of thinking, from the rednecks in Missisipi, to the black people from the guettos, as well as the Asian people living there and the South American.

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