NIH: National Institute of Health

I know my purpose on the beggining of this weekly post was to show you the life and accomplishments of an important scientist. But i can’t resist to the appeal of writing about the NIH, the National Institute of Health. As in the modern times the investigations are being developed by groups of researchers or institutions, I would like to present one of the most important of this institutions, if not the most, in the medical branch.

The NIH is composed by 27 centers who are making deep and useful investigations for improving all this fields child and teen health, men’s health, minority health, seniors’ health, women’s health, and wellness and lifestyle issues. It’s goal is to invest in order to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the human ilnesses, from the rarest tropical caribbean virus to the most common winter cold, so this can be used to improve everyone’s health.

The NIH has a big background behind the community. This story started a hundred and twenty two years ago, as the Laboratory of Hygiene. IN 1930 it was reorganized and it has been growing from that one laboratory to the 27 that are today in this huge program of national health.


All that I wrote before treats about what the NIH is, its history, the importance of its existance… But that was only for presenting it. I don’t really mind about those things, due to the fact that it looks that it doesn’t affect us at all. But we are wrong. Because this intitution does not only invest in its own laboratories, but also in the laboratories abroad. It gives training for researchers from all around the world, and it looks for having a huge variety of people to apport a different point of view in the investigations.

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