A colombian teenager die after two transplants

imagenYesterday a colombian teenager died due to a transplant of heart and a transplant of lung.

Doctors had practised him a transplant of heart and lung on January 24th. He presented a rejection against one of the organs. The boy had the syndrome of Eisenmenger, this illness couldn’t allow him to do normal activities. Doctors wanted save him by these transplants which had been donated the same day of the operation by a mechanic’s family who have been shot.

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  1. marta_alonso.sau di:

    I think it was an unfortunated situation, because just a transplant of heart it’s quite dificult if the body rejection against it, more difficulty two. And if his lungs also difficult him, how could he live? In that case or he put in his body a new heart and lungs or he dyes, so he did what he sopousted to do, and in this case, unfortunately, they have complications, and finaly he died.
    But the medicine is not Good, sometimes this could happen, so it’s sad, but if you go back some years before in our history, the peolpe who have this problems died all, and maybe in the future this would be a normal thing and all the people who have it will live and have treir own life. bye and congratulations.!:)

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