TV is a liar!



Just six people to solve a lot of crimes?

You can see on TV that there is no too much people investigating a crime. Do you think the same people collect evidences, examine arms,  examine prints or do autopsies? Of course not. Because of that I am going to explain the most important people who work solving crimes:

  •  Trace-evidence examiner: Examines anything from crime which could be used in court as evidence such as clothes, hair, fibres. T-e examiner also creates the reports which explain how the crime occurred.
  • Ballistics examiner: They find out how they were used in crime and where they came from in order to indentify gun’s owner.
  • Forensic linguist: They find out evidences listening to phone conversations, confessions, etc.
  • Print examiner: They are dedicated to examine fingerprints, wheelprints and the whole kind of prints you can imagine.

These are the most important examiners and as you can see they are not the same that TV shows us. I want you to know what is really CSI (crime scene investigation) and a high percent of what TV shows is not true.

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