Assisted Reproduction (II)

-In vitro fecundation consists in obtain the ova of the ovaries and fertilize them with sperms in the laboratory, outside of mother’s genital routes. This skill uses in case of sterility which happens, for example, due to the obstruction of the genital routes or the disability to produce ova; or when doctors adivise to anticipate some genetic anomalies in the children.


To obtain the ova. They are extracted directly from the ovary of the woman, by means of a puncture and inhaled. After that they were analysed in the laboratory to choose the best of them.

Fertilization of the ova. The ova chosen are fertilized with semen, previously obtained of a man (a stranger, the husband, …) in glass containers which are known by the name of manometer.

Tranfer of embryos. Between 48 and 72 hours after the fertilization the results are analysed and the best fertlized ova are chosen. Then, the embryos are transfered to mother’s uterus.

*The pregnant develops like other normal pregnant


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