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La energía eólica

Esta energía, tambíen denominada como renovable, es una de las más importantes en la actualidad. Su fuente principal es el viento. La mejor manera para utilizarla es mediante el uso de aerogeneradores (antes llamados molinos de viento). Además, es una … Sigue lendo

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O problema da auga

Un excelente traballo do Antonio Asensi e José Thomas.

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“The CCMC Blog”

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Spain is a pioneer in applying nanotechnology to a microscope to study the brain

   The idea is being developed in the Polytechnic University of Madrid and it belongs to an international project called Blue Brain. The objective is to create a model of mammal’s brain by means of simulations made with a computer. … Sigue lendo

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Reconstruyen el pecho de cinco mujeres con células de su grasa

A team of plastic surgeons from Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid have achieved to reconstruct the breasts of five women who had suffered from breast cancer and had lost one or both breasts. they have made it using stem cells of the fat … Sigue lendo

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Cells mother in doping

I found one article related to doping  one thing of the cells mother and I want to talk about this. The cells mother could cure injures,increase force and the resistance and provide an enormous advantage vs. their competitors. One cientific,Griffiths thinks … Sigue lendo

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“The Blog of Climántica”

Presentación Blog en PDF

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A healthy child..

We have studied some classes ago  in which cases it is possible to select some embryos by means of attended reproduction.  We know that this practice is allowed when a couple have an ill child who can recover her/his health … Sigue lendo

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What do you want? A baby or a perfect doll?

So if you want to be father but you don’t like your eyes, your hair,… even your skin you can go to the L.A Fertility Institutes. There you can choose your baby! Of course you have to have money… The … Sigue lendo

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Confrontation science-religion

We are the group that are doing the project about the confrontation between Science and religion. The members of our team are: María Camba, Javier Palencia, Estefanía Pabst and Jorge Vales. We decided that topic because we thought it was … Sigue lendo

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